Photo Consent

Dear chess friend,

regularly covering our tournament on social media and on our website has become a dear tradition to us . To this end, we would like to take photos in the playing hall and on the premises. On these photographs you may be displayed, and we would like to use these photographs in our coverage, i.e. distribute and display them. If this meets your consent, we will greatly appreciate your confirmation.

Herein the following applies:

Consent to photographs

  • We will only take pictures of adult persons if we obtain the consent of the person concerned.
  • We will only take pictures of minors and publish them if we obtain the consent of all persons having custody.
  • Granted consent can be revoked anytime in written or oral form. Please address your  revocation  to the tournament management.
  • We may also create, distribute and display pictures of central public events such as the opening and closing of tournaments without the consent of the persons concerned, if the persons appear on the pictures only as an accessory or part of a group of persons.

Use of photos

We use the photographs exclusively for

  • Bulletins
  • Gallery of our website
  • Transfer to Chessbase GmbH, Osterbekstr 90a, 22083 Hamburg for the purpose of coverage of the tournament on the Chessbase website.
  • We do not give the photos to any other third party. We do not have any technical or judicial means though to prevent or prosecute illegal copying by a third party. Further details on storage of photos and the existing and resulting rights can be found in the data protection information. These are available at the tournament management office and accessible online at

Hereby I [name] ___________________, born on ___________________ declare my consent to the fabrication of photos and their usage for the purposes mentioned above.

Date ________________________ Signature ___________________________

Signature of the persons having custody _______________________________

Link zur Foto Einwilligung in german

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